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Standard and material for rubber flat washers
- Jul 19, 2018 -

Rubber flat washer standard:

5 GB/T 95-2002 flat washer class C

6 GB/T96.1-2002 Large washer A grade

7 GB/T96.2-2002 large washer class C

8 GB/T97.1-2002 flat washer A grade

9 GB/T97.2-2002 Flat washer chamfering type A

Performance and application of rubber flat washers:

The rubber gasket has outstanding high and low temperature resistance, maintains good elasticity in the temperature range of -70 ° C - + 260 ° C, is resistant to ozone and weathering, and is suitable as a sealing gasket in thermomechanical. Non-toxic, can make insulation, insulation products and medical rubber products. At the same time, it has excellent performances such as waterproof, flame retardant, high temperature resistance, electrical conductivity, wear resistance and oil resistance. It is widely used in various industries such as machinery, electronics and plumbing.

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